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I know for many depression and suicide are struggles that need more awareness

Announcement to those following me and those that I follow

After a long absence I’m considering returning to my tumblr, but it will not be operated as it was before. I will not discuss recovery matters, more so general life, what’s going on, and deep thinking. So I will understand if you wish to unfollow me and I hope you will understand if I unfollow you if you are a recovery-oriented blog. No hard feelings. I will be doing a major overhaul in the coming weeks, including a redesign and more than likely the deletion of the majority of my posts. So if you wish to save any of my material I advise you to do it soon because it will not be up much longer. Happy blogging!

Jun 6

AT&T TV Commercial
It’s Not Complicated “Infinity”
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I'm really proud of you! Happy 2 months!


Thank you :)

So beautiful

About a buck 15, buck 20 with the top down!

Hey Mike, how are you doing? I hope everything's fine


I’m doing pretty good in most aspects actually. I’ve just been so busy enjoying life that I haven’t had the time to focus on blogging anymore. I’m still having some trouble with restricting and binging, but on the bright side yesterday made 2 months self-harm free!